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Brand: Depileve
A Gel of extra-ordinary quality: alleviates, moisturizes, refreshes, and regenerates the skin...
Brand: Depileve
ALOE VERA ROSINAloe Vera disposable strip waxThe supple texture of this wax allows it to be applied in extra-thin layers. The Aloe Vera, with its soothing and regenerative properties, leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. It is ideal for large areas of the body such as the legs, arms, chest, a..
Brand: Depileve
DEPILÈVE ROLL-ON NATURAL WAXDepilève natural roll-on strip waxExclusive and practical, the Depilève 40 ml, 80 ml, and 100 ml cartridges come with a separate roll-on or nozzle to dispose of after each client, guaranteeing total hygiene and optimal use of the product.Due to its liquid texture and stro..
Brand: Depileve
AZULENE CREAM ROSINAzulene strip waxAzulene is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and smoothness. This formula is designed for sensitive skin and delicate areas, making it ideal for use on the face, underarms, and bikini area. The essential oils present in this resin are rich emoll..
Brand: Depileve
BRONZE EXTRA FILM WAX FOR MENDisposable Film wax for menThe Bronze wax has been specially designed for the removal of stronger, keratinized, male hair. Although, its excellent properties that leave the skin silky and smooth making it suitable for female waxing too. It contains salicylic acid to prev..
Brand: Depileve
BUSH TEA ROLL-ON WAXRed tea roll-on wax with stripsThe antioxidant properties of Rooibos tackle oxidative skin damage, making hair removal using this wax a true anti-aging treatment. With a creamy and smooth texture, it is ideal for waxing extensive areas of the body.Active ingredients• Rooibos Extr..
Crystal Marine Roll-On Strip Wax 100g
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Brand: Depileve
CRYSTAL MARINE ROLL-ON WAXResin-free roll-on wax with stripsThe smooth formula of this wax does not contain any resins therefore any risks of allergic reactions to rosin are minimized. This is why it is strongly recommended for extra sensitive skin types. As well as having a secure grip, it is very ..
Brand: Depileve
90 g woven paper for body waxing that allows for optimal use thanks to the size of each strip (20 x 7 cm). Specifically created to remove the wax without splitting into layers or leaving behind traces of wax. Does not tear and the wax does not seep through the paper...
Brand: Depileve
Continuous roll of 90 g woven waxing strips. Helps optimize usage and adjust the length of strips depending on the areas of the body to be waxed. Specifically created to remove the wax without splitting into layers or leaving behind traces of wax. Does not tear and the wax does not seep through the ..
Brand: Depileve
DERMO BALANCE LOTIONPre-wax spray lotionThis pre-wax spray lotion cleanses the skin, getting rid of traces of make-up, deodorant, cream or oils and primes it to improve the adherence of the wax to the skin. It is recommended for small and sensitive areas including the face, underarms, or bikini line..
Intimate Extra Film Wax 800g
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Brand: Depileve
INTIMATE EXTRA FILM WAXDisposable no-strip Film wax for intimate areasThis wax has been formulated for removing hair from the most intimate areas, where the skin is more sensitive and delicate and the hair is thicker. Rich in cocoa butter and oat oil, it protects, hydrates, and softens the skin.It d..
Brand: Depileve
KARITÉ EXTRA FILM WAXDisposable no-strip Film wax with Shea butterFormulated with Shea butter to give it an extra creamy texture similar to traditional wax, this wax is recommended for removing hair from the most sensitive and driest skin. Its gentle removal makes it perfect for full body waxing.Kar..
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